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It is crucial to balance each individual’s strength and their behaviour in a team.

Individual company training

We work out specific training concepts tailored to the unique needs of your company based on individual initial situations.

Our efficient back office relieves you of the burden of having to organise and implement training sessions, workshops or other supporting measure aimed at promoting your staff.

Due to our special IT infrastructure and our many years of experience, we are also, as an outsourcing partner, in an ideal position to comprehensively and professionally carry out company-specific training measures throughout your entire personnel development process.

Willy R. Arnitz “Goals are reached by concentrating on the essentials and the complete realisation of skills through deeds.”
Johannes Schläpfer "Satisfied employees are the basis of every company's success."

Training competence

Excerpt from the trainings portfolio on the following standard topics.

The contents of all public/open trainings are also called "in-house trainings". The ideal group size consists of 6-12 people.

For sales people / consultants:

  • Tactical selling
  • Key account training
  • Strategic selling
  • Team selling
  • Trade fair training
  • Coaching in sales

Other subject areas

For junior managers and executives

  • Basic leadership training
  • Management of project teams
  • Coaching training
  • Change management
  • Team training
  • Top leadership training
  • Individual and team coaching

In the field of communication:


  • Communication
  • Customer communication
  • Phone training
  • Speeches and presentations


One of our strengths is to match the design of the training contents to the specific needs of the customer. For you this means that we work with you to define specific training goals and our trainers then focus on implementing these.

Consulting (procedure for planning)

By working closely together with our corporate clients, we are able to draw up a personnel development concept tailored to the company’s specific situation and strategic success positions.

The aim of this process is always to achieve measurable results in practice.

We believe it is very important to involve all the groups concerned. We understand that all employees in the company must support the training concepts.

We place particular focus on the people at the top of the network. Direct line and technical managers play a crucial role in implementing training measures within the framework of everyday work routines. The ultimate success of a training measure relies to a large extent on the role played by the person in charge.

Bruno Graf "We make the right impression through our personality."
Ilario Deana "Honest feedback forms the basis for personal development."

Feedback / ROI

We ensure the results of the training measures through a consistent controlling process and thus guarantee the return on investment. As the client, you are kept constantly informed about the status of the training, before, during and after the training.


Competent, loyal and enthusiastic employees are the most important asset your company has. The combination of the right personality with their skills and competencies in the right job role propels the success of your business.

Our diagnostic tools allow you to find the right personality for each job role, determine their skills and abilities and then to promote and train them in keeping with their objectives.

All diagnostic tools are internet-based and available in all major languages.

Willy R. Arnitz Willy R. Arnitz "The customer alone decides whether they will be or not be."
Dieter Hängärtner "It is our visions that drive us forward and give us the motivation we need to realise them. They are justifiably the driving force of our lives, because the answers to our problems lie in the future."

Individual and Team Coaching

In our individual coaching programmes, we assist people in different job roles and support their personal development. We always start with a comprehensive definition of their position and an agreement, which is a vision tailored to their personality. This clear definition of their end goal requires a high level of willingness for personal change.

We support both individuals and teams with targeted process steps throughout a clearly defined period of time.