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Individual Training

Willy R. Arnitz “Goals are reached by concentrating on the essentials and the complete realisation of skills through deeds.”

Practical Sales I and II

When we have something to sell, the only thing that matters is for the customer to place an order.

That is why, in order to be successful, professionalism is a must. It is no good just knowing how - practical ability is what counts. And this ability needs to be trained.

Our training courses for professional selling therefore don't give you new theories; trainers with practical experience prepare you for selling in practical situations.

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Strategic sales

Under the term "strategic sales" we are referring to an approach in which the sales person works out a strategic concept for acquiring customers that guides and monitors him throughout the entire sales process.

This approach is particularly useful for sales situations that involve several contacts on the customer side who all have different decision-making rights and motives for making the purchase. The methodology of "strategic sales" can also be applied to selling complex products and services.

The sales person collates as much data as possible about the company and the motivations of the customer in order to be able to draw up a proposal, which will determine an independent positioning for the customer. In doing so, he creates a basic case assessment according to the criteria to be defined.

He then works with the people involved in the purchase, in a target and need-oriented manner according to the concept drawn up. Here, we are referring to the processing of the Buying Centre.

The final offer can be tailored in a way that is individual and satisfies all the needs fully of the target group.

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Dieter Hängärtner "An instrument for reviewing the consulting services and the service performance of the sales staff."
Guglielmo Imbimbo "Good questions reflect a deep understanding."

Team Selling

Team Selling describes marketing and customer-related activities conducted by small groups, consisting of three to twelve people, that are set up on a permanent basis or for specific projects. They follow joint, high marketing objectives, for which the team is collectively responsible.

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Exhibition Training

In our exhibition training programmes we want to prepare you professionally for trade fairs. Your approach, appearance and customer-oriented conduct are the basis for achieving ambitious goals.

The exhibition training is based entirely on you and your employees. What are your goals? Getting to know existing customers better, acquiring new customers, making contacts, arranging appointments, selling products or services or repositioning your company? Through our exhibition training, you will be able to prepare yourself professionally with your team for trade fairs and provide your employees with the optimum training for these assignments. This creates a personal conversational competence within the team as well as a constructive and goal-oriented discussion.

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Ilario Deana "Honest feedback forms the basis for personal development."
Willy R. Arnitz "Promoting means developing the strengths."

Practical LeadershipI + II

In order to be a successful leader, it's no longer enough to know simply how to lead - you must demonstrate your ability to lead.

Compare leadership with playing football. Knowledge of the game does not make you a good player without a lot of practice. Professional footballers are continually practicing and good leadership requires that same dedication to practice.

This training course therefore won't give you any new theories; here coaches with practical experience will prepare you for practical situations.


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Top Leadership Training

Good leadership requires top quality skills. It's not enough just to apply theories and methods. It's your actual ability which decides whether you are really successful or not.

A climber who has studied all the latest climbing techniques but has not mastered the sport will find it very hard to climb a tall mountain. The same is true when it comes to leadership. Only those who have really mastered the skill can get to the top and stay there.

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Rudolf Obrecht "It's like playing football. Talent alone is not enough. It is only when we are promoted that we become top players."
Roger Zosso Usus est magister optimus. Practice is the best teacher

Change Management

Organisations everywhere are in the process of changing. The need for companies and their organisation to adapt to increasingly fast-changing markets is steadily on the rise. These processes of change place high demands on corporate structures and employees. In order to best cope with these change processes, employees need to be provided with special support and guidance.

In our practice-oriented workshops, we want to help participants to understand, experience, contribute to and actively shape changes.

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Team Training

Together with your team, you want to improve your company’s performance as well as its entire system. The aim is to focus on the strengths of each member. But what exactly are the strengths of each team member?

With targeted exercises, we will analyse how your team works and how you can work together even better. The areas we cover are: management, social and technical competence. These are analysed and discussed within the team. Together we define what is important and urgent. Goals and rules within the team are jointly developed and set out in action plans. To get the best out of this workshop requires a high level of self-reflection as well as trust and openness.

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Willy Arnitz "We impress others through our personality."
Dieter Hängärtner "We are more interested in the people than all the others"


As soon as two people become aware of one another, they start to communicate with each other as all behaviour is communicative by nature. Because there are no opposites in behaviour, you cannot “not behave”, meaning that it is also impossible not to communicate.

In our modular training course, participants learn the basics and techniques. They will become aware of the impressions they make personally. The will communicate with greater clarity and precision. They will also learn to tackle conflicts in a constructive manner.

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Communicating with customers

"I am engineer, not a salesman!

Agreed – technical competence is certainly in the foreground if, for example, a service technician is to carry out repairs or maintenance. Frequently, a customer assumes this competence as given and pays attention to the behaviour of the technician all the more as a result.

How any of your employees behave at a customer’s site is the “calling card” of your company. An engineer must comply with this!

With the help of specific exercises, participants train in the various procedures on how to talk to customers based on their own experiences with customers. At the end of a training day, the participating personnel set their own goals that they want to follow in their everyday routine. The initial successes can usually be seen quite quickly.

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Ilario Deana "The customer is our focal point. We do everything for our customers."
Doris Riegger "It is our visions that drive us forward and give us the motivation we need to realise them. They are justifiably the driving force of our lives, because the answers to our problems lie in the future."

Phone Training

In this training you will experience the sound of your own voice and what impact you have on the phone. At every stage of a telephone conversation, you will experience and train in the significance the following factors have on your customer loyalty: competent, attentive, polite behaviour and individual approach to the customer.

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Speeches and presentations

Participants present their practical cases during the two-day interval training. Different situations are simulated and practised. Participants can review their impact through video analysis. Their strengths and weaknesses are analysed and the corresponding steps are initiated to optimise where necessary.

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Martin Amstutz "Knowing the goal is not enough, you have to go down the right path."
Johannes Schläpfer "Satisfied employees are the basis of every company's success."

Project Management

A well-founded and uniform approach is immensely important in project management. In our practical workshop, we highlight the success factors of project management through practical cases, but also look at the planning your current projects. A consistent understanding and approach makes it easier for you to carry out future project management tasks together at the right time.

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