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For Individuals

When we take into account all the possible influencing factors, we open up the path to success.
Rudolf Obrecht "The basis of all staff development is the image that the employees have of themselves."

Leadership Training

In order to be a successful leader, simply knowing how to lead is not enough. In the final analysis it's ability that counts.

Many people are aware of the correct way to lead, but are unable to put this into practice, because that is precisely what they require: practice.

That is why our training course does not try to expand your knowledge of theory. Instead we use coaches who are considerably experienced in this field who will guide and prepare you. We also present you with everyday situations when you will have the opportunity to practice your skills with guidance and practical advice from our experts.




Practical leadership I 

This training course is also suitable for people who would like to improve their leadership skills and take on more responsibility.


Practical Leadership II 

This training course is suitable for those who want to improve their leadership skills and discover more about their own personal leadership style.


Top Leadership Training

This training places high demands on your own motivation and perseverance. It is particuarly suitable for people who want to be at the top or are already there.


Sales training -
Selling successfully

When we have something to sell, the only thing that matters is for the customer to place an order.

It's no good just knowing how - practical ability is what counts. And this ability needs to be trained.

Our training courses for professional selling therefore don't give you new theories; trainers with practical experience prepare you for selling in practical situations.

These courses are therefore suitable for people wanting to improve their selling skills - because they know that salespersons are judged by their results only


Ilario Deana "The customer alone decides whether they will be or not be."

Practical Sales I

The training course covers a range of topics, from mental preparation to mproving your personal impact - from arranging appointments to initial contact with customers...


Practical Sales II

Our training course for professional selling does not provide you with any new theories in the second part either - instead, coaches with practical experience prepare you for selling in practical situations...


Willy R. Arnitz "What a man is, is that which contributes most to his happiness. (Arthur Schopenhauer)"

Personality Training - 
The journey to personal success

We have often asked ourselves: "Who might benefit from Personality Training and find it useful?" The answer is: People who have a certain amount of life experience and want to do something for themselves; people who are curious about themselves, want to view the way they live their lives from a new perspective and are also prepared to change.

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