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Practical Leadership II

Practical leadership II

The "Leadership in practice II" training course builds on the Rudolf Obrecht training course "Leadership in practice I". Having completed this first course, you will have time to practice what you have learned. Some things worked very well, whilst in other areas you may still be experiencing difficulties.

Our training course for professional leadership does not teach you any new theories; the coaches, who themselves have considerable practical experience, will prepare you for practical situations.

Based on examples from your everyday experience, you discover what you already do well and become aware of the areas in which you need further improvement. On the second training day we take a close look at your personality, using the INSIGHTS MDI® diagnostic tool.

This training course is suitable for those who want to improve their leadership skills and discover more about their own personal leadership style.

This training course is CICERO accredited.

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Martin Amstutz "Personal impact is decisive"


Course Dates Language Registration


Course Dates Language Registration