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Dieter Hängärtner "He who knows others is learned. He who knows himself is wise (Laotse)."


INSIGHTS MDI® can establish a profile for both a person's preferred behaviour and requirements profiles in various situations. This makes it an effective and useful aid in staff and team development. Equally, it provides a secure basis for decision-making, making it easier to communicate appropriately and successfully with employees, customers and other interlocutors.

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KODE® - A new kind of competence analysis

KODE® is the abbreviation for Competence Diagnostics and Development (Kompetenz-Diagnostik und Entwicklung). This is a process system with various competence determining and development tools. The latter provide the basis for modern (self) training, coaching and mentoring.

KODE® is the first procedure worldwide to directly measures competences.

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Willy Arnitz "We impress others through our personality."
Rudolf Obrecht "It's like playing football. Talent alone is not enough. It is only when we are promoted that we become top players."


RELIEF Stress Prevention by SCHEELEN® supports each individual person individually in identifying their critical areas of activity as well as personal control levers with which they can effectively achieve beneficial stress prevention.

Content of RELIEF Stress Prevention by SCHEELEN®:

  • Personal sources of stress and strains – where my stress comes from
  • Short-and long-term effects – how much it affects me
  • Internal cognitive and emotional drivers – how I further increase my stress
  • Signification and signification difference – where I experience signification at work
  • Motivation and commitment – how my environment motivates me
  • Resilience and coping - how well I manage my stress
  • Stress index – to what extent I am at risk of being burnt out
  • Recommendations for action – where and how I should start