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In order to plan its strategy for the future, a company needs to consider the opinions of its customers and employees. A structured approach to customer and staff surveys is a key factor in ensuring a company's success.

We have many years of experience in carrying out surveys of all kinds. We carry out both classical surveys using questionnaires and personal interviews as well as online surveys to measure management performance.

Marlis Roggwiller "Good questions reflect a deep understanding."
Johannes Schläpfer "Satisfied employees are the basis of every company's success."

Staff surveys

A structured approach to establishing the opinions of your employees can help provide you with an important basis upon which to make business decisions. Use your employees as an important source for improving your market performance, organisational and staff development processes.

In person, via questionnaire or online - we help you to establish important bases for decision-making, so that you can continue to enjoy success in the market.

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Customer surveys

Our individual surveys take a close look at your relations with your customers. We analyse in detail your customers' viewpoint and we discern the quality of the services and products you provide and your positioning with the customers. Based on the customers' answers, we develop concrete measures for improving your product and service portfolio overall.

In person, on the phone, in a questionnaire or online - we help you develop important principles upon which to base decisions, so that you can continue to succeed in the market.

Rudolf Obrecht "The customer decides whether something will be or not be."
Willy R. Arnitz "Honest feedback forms the basis for personal development."

360° Feedbacks

The most honest form of judging management performance is by giving 360° feedback.

In 360° feedback, superiors, team colleagues and employees at all levels all answer the same questions. Leadership, management and social skills are assessed.

Those giving feedback also have the opportunity to give written comments. Along with these comments, the comparison between others' and one's own image of oneself form the basis for successfully developing leadership skills.